Thanks to 4,216 individuals who participated in what may be the most significant international survey to date of widowed persons—focused on resilience, relationships and important financial matters. This study includes women and men, old and young, whether or not repartnered or remarried, are from the USA or another country . . .  everyone who has experienced widowhood. The experiences and insights that survey participants shared with us will help other widowed persons. Their responses will also assist professionals to understand widowed persons better. Their stories are very important and deeply appreciated! 

A scholarly report will be published after the findings are analyzed, including implications for widowed persons and their advisors. (The team’s first study, “Widows Voices: The Value of Financial Planning,” was published in the Journal of Financial Services Professionals last January.) Articles will also be published in popular publications and online sites. Information is being shared during various conferences—this year and next. 

Our collaborative research team includes Dr. Kathleen M. Rehl—Research Director; Dr. Carrie West—Schreiner University; Dr. John Grable—University of Georgia; Linda Leitz—Kansas State University Ph.D. candidate; Carolyn C. Moor—Modern Widows Club nonprofit; Michele Neff Hernandez—Soaring Spirits International nonprofit; and Susan Bradley—The Sudden Money® Institute.

With Much Love and Gratitude,

 anks for your assistanc

Our first scholarly study, "Widows Voices" The Value of Financial Planning," was published in the
January 2016 issue of the Journal of Financial Service Professionals.